The difference between professional consulting and executive coaching

Professional consultants and executive coaches both are professional individuals who come alongside you to partner and co-pilot your business with you. They’re constantly evaluating and aligning four key business areas: People, Sales, Profit, and Self.

For more on what that means, I’ve written about my definition of a business consultant and how a business consultant can help you manage your business.

Although the terms “professional consulting” and “executive coaching” are commonly interchanged, there is a difference between them. It’s not just semantics.

Professional Consulting is a phrase typically used when a business coach works closely with a small business and their leaderships team. The focus is often on working through a gear shift. As businesses grow from start-up to regional player and beyond, the transition from feisty upstart fueled by passion to a complex organization with carefully delineated responsibilities and commitments can be rough road.

It’s very similar to the way that the phrase “business consultant” is used. Executive Coaching is a phrase typically used when a business coach works with larger corporations, C-Level, Fortune 500 individuals. The focus is often on working with executives to help them grow as leaders while growing their company. It’s very similar to a management consultant, but not quite the same.

The commonality between “professional consulting” and an “executive coaching” is that just both phrases translate into a professional individual that is there to co-pilot your business with you as you lead and as you grow.

As a business co-pilot, Chris Weinberg has watched many businesses face similar challenges at the same point in their journey. With coaching and consulting, Chris and Well Coached preserves the culture, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that gave your company momentum while maintaining balance and instilling structure for new horizons. 

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