Does Communication Really Effect Productivity?

We send verbal and nonverbal messages every time we communicate.  These messages either enhance or hinder productivity in the workplace. Every action causes a reaction.

It is not uncommon to have meetings where no one is really listening, or engage in wasteful chatter that drowns out the relevant business topics. These types of communication behaviors are typical examples of what drains productivity. Subpar communication can discourage employees and cause them to be discontent and disengaged. Some may even leave their job solely because they feel they are being sent negative, discouraging signals.

Perception is reality, so if anyone in the organization views the intercompany communication as subpar… IT IS.

Unclear communication does not have to exist in your company. If you are a manager of any sort, in charge of leading others, check in with your employees at designated points in time. Make sure that their work load is not too small and that they are striving to achieve and accomplish more. Also ensure that they are satisfied with the work they are doing. Sometimes giving an employee different responsibilities is all that is needed to keep them engaged.

In addition, allow employees to give you and each other feedback.

Set up meetings where everyone on the team can share ideas and collaborate. When running into problems, facilitate a healthy way for conflict resolution. This practice can increase openness within the group and help everyone feel safe to voice their opinions.

The following steps provide a way to deal with conflict when it appears within your team.

  1. Discussion

  2. Debate

  3. Dissension

  4. Compromise

  5. Resolutio

Don’t let sloppy communication get in the way of productivity. Talk to your employees, ask for feedback and create a safe environment for others to communicate. Productivity will increase and you will have a happier team working towards your vision.

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