Is there anyone who can say they love when the Captain asks us to buckle up because there is turbulence ahead? Unavoidable, turbulence is the part of flying and managing a business that is often necessary to get from point A to point B.

Similar to business ventures, takeoffs are generally predictable. They are both fast, full of anticipation and ascend at high trajectories. There is shared energy to get things moving in a singular direction. After takeoff, airplanes generally fly on auto pilot.

When a company finds it’s rhythm after launch, the entrepreneur or founders often put the company into a state of turbulence. Just like in a plane, the business can survive bumps.

“The key to getting out of turbulence is first recognizing you are in it and then methodically figuring out what got you there and what options you have to find smoother air.”

This is a difficult change for founders who launched their business as it requires allowing others to assume roles of responsibility.

Flying higher through developing a team can guide the company to smoother air at a higher altitude. Conversely, having a single engine prop can achieve an altitude with fewer revenues, but with less requirements of team development.

As the entrepreneur and pilot of your business, recognize that hitting turbulence is normal. It means you are going somewhere, however, bumpy rides are never fun for too long. Recognize this quickly and decide if you want to fly higher with growth or if you want to find smoother air with a smaller company. Both will require adjustments, and create a more enjoyable ride.

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