How a business coach can help you manage your business

In my world, a business coach should be synonymous with business consultant. I talk about it  being a polluted term and if you’re looking for an in-depth definition, you can read my answer to “What is a business consultant?” by clicking here.

Otherwise, I’ll give you the short of it. A business consultant (or business coach) is a professional individual with experience and expertise that is able to guide you in striking a balance between People, Sales, Profits and Self as a co-pilot with you on your journey to success and growth.

But what a lot of CEOs, entrepreneurs and small business owners want to know is how a business coach can help them manage their business.

Here’s my experience.

Building a business requires all of your precious resources. Time, money, effort, and passion all get directed towards the exciting and necessary pull of building something meaningful.

It’s also the pain point.

Here is what I see time and time again, whatever your pre-determined goal is, circumstances that arise along the way will inevitably bring you and your team to a crossroads. How you navigate through that transition is where a business coach can help you the most. 

What I know to be true is that the balance between People, Sales, Profits and Self is the common denominator for success. 

It usually requires change and sometimes it hurts. But the bottom line is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or emotional and a good business coach helps you keep it managed.

As a business co-pilot, Chris Weinberg has watched many businesses face similar challenges at the same point in their journey. With coaching and consulting, Chris and Well Coached preserves the culture, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that gave your company momentum while maintaining balance and instilling structure for new horizons. 

Well Coached